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Reporting Process Simplified, End to End



Finrem - FATCA Reporting Page

FinRem's FATCA & CRS reporting software simplifies the reporting process through intuitive and beautiful design, allowing clients and their responsible officers (ROs) to seamlessly insert, import and manage data for reporting.




Extensive Support, Features and Visibility


















FinRem also supports the CRS FATCA reporting process to over 30 countries, including direct IRS and IGA countries reporting, and empowers clients to deal with post reporting processes as well. The system supplies clients with relevant graphs, metrics and tracking of reporting history.

Finrem - FATCA Reporting Dashboard

Robust Solution to Rule Them All
















A modern and robust reporting suite, allowing organizations to comply with regulations while increasing productivity and allowing centralized management and visibility. Finrem allows clients to manage and track multiple branches and subsidiary financial institutions obligated to report in a single dashboard. 

The Bottom Line







  • Beautiful and intuitive design


  • Easily input data manually or import from data sources


  • Automatic data validation


  • One-click report submission

  • Both Cloud and On-Premise deployment


  • Reporting support for over 30 countries including IRS portal and IGA countries.


  • Single solution for FATCA, IGA and CRS reporting


  • Centralized management module for multiple financial institutions


  • Post reporting process handling

  • Web Based Enterprise-Scale Software


  • Supporting small to enterprise scale clients


  • Full report history and backup


  • Comprehensive audit trail


  • Report graphs and statistics


  • Secure data handling and report transmission

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